Advanced technology 


E.N.S. is equipped by state-of-the-art-machineries which make the self-production of all the range of items possible, by combining high production capacity with excellent quality and flexibility by guaranteeing, even for special parts, the delivery time within 10/12 working days.

The most advanced technology combined with experienced employees has proved to be the key elements for several achievement that over the years have brought ENS to stand itself in the normalized market.


Manual and Automatic Lathes

A range of automatic Lathes, and a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) center machineries, are supported, where needed, by traditional machines for the manufacturing of the whole production.

Grinding machines


A wide range of CNC grinding machines for exteriors, for interiors and combined internal-external, is supported for the very small series by traditional hydraulic grinding machines.                                             
These machines are able to bring all previously turned parts into the right tolerance.

Lapping machine 

Specific machinery which have the purpose to minimize the roughness by using special abrasive tools.

Laser marking machine

E.N.S International is equipped with an extremely precise and high sensitive laser marking machine, in order to identify the different products upon Customer specifications.

Vertical automated warehouses


Constantly growing, today E.N.S. has at its disposal 13 vertical automated warehouses in which are stored more than 6000 items of the catalog.



E.N.S. chooses a sustainable development, the plant has been designed after a complex study, in order to create a centralized filtration and recovery system of the water.
Thanks to this system it’s possible to keep the temperature of the water stable, during all the seasons, in order to guarantee the best performance during every stage of the production (this process is also a "saving-cost approved system" because less water and oil are consumed)

Safety: a certified and constantly updated system allows the conditions of the work environment of each employees to be monitored and according to the regulations.